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Thinking Outside of the Dental Box

by Rod Maxfield, DDS Denclintip.com — “This very thorough and creative way of helping a patient. Truly, thinking outside of the dental box!” [Show slideshow] Patient History: Acute pain localized by patient to #19, but with significant pain radiating into READ MORE


Cancer Reversal Through Diet?

by Barlow L. Packer, DDS Just like with diabetes, the same diet that prevents heart disease can be used not just to treat it, but to reverse it. Next year is the 20 year anniversary of Dean Ornish’s landmark research historicism

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In Praise of the Ever Aging Dentist

by Barlow L. Packer, DDS This begins what will be a series of articles from Dr Barlow Packer—an experienced practitioner, dental school professor, nutritionist, and a very good dental philosopher. Enjoy! If you are a dentist you either, Love dentistry, READ MORE


CLINICAL STUDY: Can or Should Implants Be Attached To Natural Teeth?

We all know the controversy about attaching implants and natural teeth. The status quo says that they should not, even though there is no research supporting why we should not. This in the face of hundreds of long-term cases to the contrary READ MORE


Pearls for Faster & Easier Exodontia

by Karl R. Koerner, DDS, MS Most general dentists remove teeth.  They do the best they can with the expertise and instrumentation they have and are usually quite successful. However, occasionally there is a tooth that defies conventional methods to (509) 312-4224


Caries Detectors Don’t Have To Be Expensive

by Gordon J. Christensen    Particularly for newer dentists, DenClinTip.com highly recommends  Clinician’s Report (previously CRA) and Dr. Gordon Christensen’s Practical Clinical Courses. You won’t be disappointed and you will be a better dentist!   All of us know how READ MORE


Making the Best Full-Arch Impressions with a Stock Tray

by Gordon J. Christensen Many of us have somewhat struggled with impression techniques. Sometimes the fabrication of a custom tray and its associated adhesive is more time consuming than we want. Consider the following:    This innovative tray from 3M ESPE features READ MORE

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Implant Salvage – Surgical

by George M Bailey, DDS   SUBGINGIVAL CEMENTS Almost everywhere I am speaking these days, there is some talk about the devastating effects of resins and/or cements expressed sub-gingivally when crowns are cemented on implant abutments. Recently, Dr Gary Crawford authored, for the READ MORE